The Cause

The Harry S. Rintoul Award winner for Best New Manitoba Play is back!

The Cause is a farce that follows five agents working for a rebellious organization plotting the assassination of a major political figure. Although each agent brings a unique set of skills to “The Cause,” they all share one important secret: each one is deep undercover, working for a different foreign interest to dismantle “The Cause” from within. As the mission draws nearer, the agents attempt to execute their plan without revealing their true intentions to one another.

20 thoughts on “The Cause

  1. Great show! The guy in the shorts and suspenders really stole the show for me, his singing was top notch. He should consider a career in singing to be honest if he hasn’t already! Would watch again!

  2. Wonderful show! Very funny and cleverly out together. There’s something for everyone and something new each time… if you know, you know!

  3. This was my first ever live theatre/play performance and it won’t be my last. The Cause was very funny. The cast was great, played their parts in fantastic form. Thank you for the show and introducing me to a new pass time to engage and support. Go see the show- you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Went to see The Cause and it was outstanding. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in and it ended up being amazing. It was hilarious and captivating. Each character held your attention in their own way. My favourite specifically was the tall one with the cargo pants. He will delight you not only with his hilarious character development but also with his ummm… other features. ANYWAY, if you’re looking to have a blast and laugh then I recommend going to see the show, you will not be disappointed! Just erm keep in mind that your partner might get a little distracted.

  5. You know when donut socks works their way into the costuming, it’s going to be a good show.

    I took my friend with me and we both absolutely loved it!! It’s hilarious, the characters were lovable, and the script was amazing. The way the actors performed it was phenomenal. My friend said the blocking was really good, and I thought the audio cues were well done. If you have to pick only one Fringe show to go to, let it be this one.

  6. Soooo great. I thought it was so clever and funny. Each actor was so perfect in their role. Brought my pre teen who also loved it. Great job. Favourite so far.

  7. Just hilarious. Very light, but very funny. A few swears, but not offensive. Actors are enthusiastic and are enjoying themselves. See it!

  8. An amazing play using Cliché spy stereotypes! While you know the whole thing is a farce, the story is quick witted and full of surprises! Loved that the writers were so involved and bought out the best in their cast!

  9. It’s enthusiastic. It’s fun. It’s goofy. It’s everything the Fringe stands for. Some fine local talent with a bright future!

  10. Just left the theater, for their first sold out show!!! It was amazing and hilarious. The performers timing was gold and the slow build of comedy as everything comes to a head was genius. Recommend you check this out while you can. 2 thumbs up

  11. Well done! I’d you haven’t seen it and you like to laugh, highly recommend! 10 /10

  12. Do you like accents? Do you like poorly kept secrets? Do you like it when a tall handsome man degrades his shorter cute male co-worker and pins his hands behind his back? Then “The Cause” is THE Fringe show to see! Filled with comedy that gets the whole crowd laughing, and action scenes so foolish, even the actors could break character!

    Even though I’ve already seen “The Cause” a few years ago pre-pandemic, seeing it again felt like I was watching it for the first time! Wonderful and talented actors with such a smooth production, you’ll get lost in the story and forget about the blazing +34° heat you just walked through to get to the venue!

    I could NOT recommend this show enough! If you’re a first time participant in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and are unsure of which show to see? “The Cause” is definitely a must-see! 10/10, would walk in the scorching summer heat to see it again!

  13. A great performance by all! I’d definitely recommend The Cause – it was very witty and I laughed through the entire show.

  14. I laughed, I cried, I quaked in my seat! If you only see one okay this year at the Fringe you must see The Cause. A brilliant little farce filled with intrigue and humour.

  15. the most fun show i’ve ever seen! lots of laughs and beautiful actors!

  16. Go for an entertaining take on spies vs spies. Some laugh out loud moments and overall lots of fun.

  17. I saw The Cause a few days ago for the first time and it was great! Very funny, and a great story. This play has everything;
    political commentary, espionage, dutch oven jokes….
    You will love it!

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