The Disney Delusion

Award-winning comedian Leif Oleson-Cormack pushes confessional comedy to its limits in this show about a methodically moronic plan to double-down on unrequited love through a disastrous trip to Disneyland.

Featuring criminal acts, surgically-altered sugar daddies, Sinatra impersonators and a cynically-charged “coming out”, this (unfortunately) true story is not to be missed.

“His rawness and willingness to reveal things very few people would ever admit out loud…makes this the best thing I’ve seen so far at the Fringe.” – Edmonton Journal

4 thoughts on “The Disney Delusion

  1. I cannot believe the bravery and honesty that you get to feast on as an audience member. Such humour and wit. Provokes thought about the structures of relationships and romance!!!

  2. I went into the show and didn’t know what to expect – I ended up having a fantastic time. Really funny and they really get you into the moment.
    Definitely recommend seeing this one.

  3. What a fabulous show! Leif’s ability to take us into moments that are both cringe worthy and comical makes for a wild ride filled with lots of laughs.

  4. The Disney Delusion is everything a comedy confessional should be – entertaining, relatable and hilarious! By sharing experiences some of us vault to never be spoken of, Leif brings a vulnerability and rawness to his show like no other, making it one of the most inspiring and exciting comedy experiences that you won’t want to miss!

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