A Masters Advanced Class To Beginners Improv

– SensibleChuckleTheatre

SensibleChuckleTheatre (A Brothers Guide, A Most Daring Murder Mystery [Tom Did It]) is back by lukewarm demand with another piece of comedy gold. Jacques Lemain, internationally renowned improvisation master who once shook Wayne Brady’s hand, is hosting an exclusive showcase for his latest (and most challenging) class of students yet.

Mr. Lemain’s reputation hangs in the balance as his newest batch of “comedy” performers take to the stage to show off their brand-new improv “skills”. Come see a group of adults try their hardest to master a skill that has no real-world applications in… A Masters Advanced Class To Beginners Improv!*
(*Improv potentially not included.)
4 STARS “Funny, weird, and at times, outrageous” – Winnipeg Free Press

9 thoughts on “A Masters Advanced Class To Beginners Improv

  1. The commitment and pure joy of the performers made for this show to be my favorite in Fringe this year!
    It is not an improv show (read the description folks) but one of the best scripted shows about improv I’ve ever seen!

  2. Very well done, I was laughing the whole way through! Very excited to see them next year!

  3. Very funny! Who needs Colin Mochrie when you have this group of talented Manitoba performers ? Though I do take offence to the Nickleback comment.

  4. Fabulous play, very very funny. We weren’t the only ones who thought so because the audience was into it to. Great venue, handy to a lot of other shows.

  5. So funny I was laughing hysterically and in tears. Indeed a show about improv and not an actually clinic but the fine print gives that away (improv not included).

  6. This show was labeled improv but really should be labeled Comedy as it was 100% scripted. It’s a play about improv, not improv.
    It was kinda funny.
    4.5 out of 10

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