A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis

– Living the Dream

One more dawn, one more day and one more show?!
Local middle school drama teacher Alli Perlov brings back the 2018 Fringe sensation that made her a “sell out”.
Can she sing? Not really. Can she act? Debatable. Will you laugh? Oh…probably.
Perlov plays 30 different characters in a condensed parody interpretation of the nearly three-hour epic musical Les Miserables. In this revamped and refreshed version, Perlov aims to entertain an audience that isn’t forced to be there (like her students)!
4 ½ STARS “Perlov’s tongue-in-cheek parody is also steeped in palpable sweetness that would melt even the most hardened revolutionary’s heart” – Winnipeg Free Press
“One of my Fringe favourites of all time” – Ray Yuen, Jenny Revue
“Can I use ‘catastrophe’ as a compliment?” – CBC

11 thoughts on “A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis

  1. OMDude!!! I went to this show because my daughter wanted to support her drama teacher. I had no expectations of this one-didn’t know if it would be good or bad……it was flippin’ AWESOME!! Went from a teacher in my mind to a a talent I bow down and say “We’re not worthy”! Outstanding!

  2. I loved this show, I have been to many many fringe performances and this is the first time I have been moved to write a review! The energy alone is worth it!

  3. Fantastic show! I attended with some family members and we all thoroughly enjoyed this performance. It was a great show that incorporated music, comedy and drama based on one of the greatest musicals of all time. Loved the audience participation too!

  4. So much talent! 😊Great show and she carried on like a trooper as building maintenance thought it would be a good day to test the fire alarm multiple times. 😖

  5. Had so much fun! Her take on the characters and storyline were hilarious. So much talent!

  6. Wonderful performance by a talented drama teacher! A fun-filled hour remembering the plot and songs of one of my favourite musicals. Well done!

  7. Both my son and I got such a kick out this production. I saw it the last time it was done years ago and it was a winner again!! Alli is funny, talented and engaging and we 100% recommend seeing the show if you love or hate Les Mis!!

  8. A blast of a time, full of laughs and a super engaging performer (and kudos to the surprisingly great audience folks on Sunday)

    Also I’m super glad to have my Cosette opinions validated by someone else!

  9. The most entertaining show at Fringe as far as I’ve seen! Engaging, touching, and hilarious! Here is a performer that loves performing for the pure joy of it, and you’ll leave with lighter step because of it.

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