A One Man Batman Parody

– Rod Peter Jr

“You’ll leave the theatre believing You. Have. Met. Batman.” – Winnipeg Free Press
The one-man show celebrating Batman is back. From Keaton to Clooney, laugh and cheer at your favourite Batman film moments. From Joker’s laugh to Mr. Freeze puns, Rod Peter Jr recreates all your beloved rogues.
Witness the show that has kids and adults alike leaving the theatre buzzing to scream “I’M BATMAN”.
5 STARS “Peter’s physical comedy is infectious” – Global News, Edmonton
5 STARS “The most memorable comic performance I’ve ever seen” – CBC Radio

5 thoughts on “A One Man Batman Parody

  1. I had major trepidation at the outset because I’m not a huge Batman fan and I don’t know the movies well but someone’s a fan of Marvel Movies (😝)so we went – then (some honesty) – this is not the performer I thought it was when I picked the show so cure more panic.
    Well there were ZERO regrets – the only reason it’s not a 5⭐️ is the Tommy Lee montage (and that’s just to joke to the artist). In all seriousness the show was not what we expected, it was so much better. We laughed, cried a little and enjoyed so much the personal elements.
    Now if your going to learn anything – get out there and support people you love and don’t be afraid to be silly.

  2. Rod Peter Jr. gives a tour de force performance exploring the relationship between a fan and his favourite superheros in this heartwarming and playful The visual and auditory aesthetics are spot on, greatly adding to the experience. Fun for people of all ages.

  3. We absolutely loved this show! Inspiring and entertaining, full of heart definitely would rate this better than what the Winnipeg free press did

  4. This show is a delightful and passionate take on the Batman movies you love and/or hate. It’s also about family, nerdy childhood and becoming the person you were meant to be. Rod Peter Jr gives an exceptional performance, combining acting skill, insight, humour and athletic energy to bring Batman to life onstage.

  5. Holy Cow! We took the kids to this and they loved it.
    Was surprised that it’s about more than just the movies.
    There’s lots of stories about growing up and his parents.
    And I really liked the one about his mother finding the toy car. I didn’t realize until after the that the poster is him as kid dressed as Batman. And after the show you can buy shirts of him as kid dressed as Batman. My kids left happy with a new shirt, and ready to watch Batman when we got home.

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