A Series of Card Tricks Done in a Row

– Brad Micholson Magician

A really good card trick is a beautifully infuriating thing, and in A Series of Card Tricks Done in a Row, expert sleight-of-handsman Brad Micholson performs a series of beautifully infuriating things.
Brad has spent much of his life in the pursuit of sleight-of-hand mastery, and now, at his first Fringe, he presents an intimate one-man show, expertly entertaining audiences with nothing but a deck of cards and the very finest of trickeries.

3 thoughts on “A Series of Card Tricks Done in a Row

  1. 5 minutes into this show I was already scheming to buy tickets for Brad’s next performance so that I could bring my kids. He was funny and engaging without being showy or distracting, and of course: the tricks were amazing. Hope for more chances to see him soon!

  2. My jaw hurts this morning from having dropped it so many times at last night’s show – it was *that* good. Brad gives off this “aw shucks” kind of vibe, echoing the Free Press reviewer’s assessment that he’s not much for showmanship. But the series of card tricks done in a row will wow you, even without the razzle dazzle. Take a walk up the alley to this understated show.

  3. Wow!!! What a fantastic fun show. Take a break from our crazy world and join Brad for an hour of pure joy. Lots of laughs but mostly amazement. How does he do that???

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