A Work in Progress

– Crosswalk Productions

A Work in Progress is an exploration of a dysfunctional and beautiful love story between two women, Emma and Mia. After months apart, they reunite one last time to relive key memories through Emma’s old radio. Through these memories, they uncover the patterns of depression, perfectionism and misunderstanding that ultimately tore them apart.

14 thoughts on “A Work in Progress

  1. A simple premise elevated by grounded writing and strong performances, definitely one of the best plays I’ve seen this year.


  2. Beautiful, gut-wrenching, and very well written. Very strong use of dance and movement throughout the show and the actors all put on strong performances.

  3. I’ve been both of these characters: I found myself almost able to finish their sentences from how relatable their dynamic was. Really beautiful job from the whole team ❤️

  4. Beautifully written and beautifully performed. This show’s unbelievably accurate depiction of depression will leave you spellbound. 5/5

  5. A beautiful, tragic story of 2 women, their love for each other, and the miscommunication that drove them apart. The choreography was INCREDIBLE, I was on the edge of my seat during those scenes. Quite sad, I cry every tim

  6. Saw this and Seat Next To The King yesterday, and I’ve got to say Fringe dramas are back and better than ever!

  7. I’ve personally never been one for interpretive dance, but WOW, i was moved by the dance of self-loathing. Gorgeous job by the actress

  8. I adored this show. I cried at this show. I was moved by this show. Words can’t describe how much of an experience it was to watch, I will be thinking of this show for years to come. Certainly of the best at Fringe this year :’) 10/10

  9. Powerful depiction of depression, attempted suicide, friendship and romantic relationship. For a Work in Progress, this is Fringe at its best. Five stars.

  10. This was my first fringe show and certainly will not be my last!!! A work in progress captured such realistic and relatable dialogue, it truly blew me away. I really enjoyed the back and forth timelines, its so immersive and entertaining to explore Emma and Mias past and present in one setting. Everyone on cast and crew did an amazing job!! I 10/10 recommend, but beware, you will not leave without a few tears at least, so avoid my mistake and bring enough tissues for you and the person next to you. ❤️ 🤧

  11. An amazing story and it was told by an amazing cast. Thanks for this gorgeous production. The music, the concept, the physicality of each one in the cast, everything, it was chef’s kiss! I would watch this again and again and again if I can, and I’m sure I will cry again and again and again.

    4.5 stars (recommend to everyone!)

  12. A brutal story about the reality of depression and how it can rip even the deepest connections apart that never falls into the tropes of mental illness, managing to analyze both sides of the relationship and how both individuals are at fault for varying reasons. Cap it off with an ending you don’t want but know is necessary for both of these characters, you got yourself one of the best fringe dramas in a long time.

    5/5, deserves to be seen

  13. Very good play, did not realize the two leads were in a romantic relationship until the confession scene. I just thought they were very good friends!

  14. Absolutely loved it, a heart-wrenching performance by both character’s and their memorial counterparts. A stand-out performance from Mia’s memory, who performed a beautiful dance number representing a tormented mind.

    3 stars, my only criticism is that I wish there was more development of Emma and her psyche. Definitely recommended.

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