How to Live Forever

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From the producers of (ART)IST (5 STARS, Winnipeg Free Press) comes a new play that explores death, loss and shortbread cookies.
Join us around the fire as we share stories about what it means to be mortal.

4 thoughts on “How to Live Forever

  1. The actors all had incredible chemistry and navigated the challenges of an outdoor venue with ease. I laughed a lot and also reflected on some people I have lost. It made thinking about my dead loved ones easy and comforting. I needed the catharsis of this wonderfully, warm show, and the song will be stuck in my head for days to come.

  2. Death is a frightening topic, but – as this play makes clear – we fear most what we don’t talk about. And, during an hour which absolutely sped by, the extremely talented actors talked about all the facets of death. Heartbreak, anger, dread – but, first and foremost, the funny side. Yes, death is often funny, and that’s okay! Our dearly departed would want us to laugh!

  3. The program might have understated just how dark the underlying subject matter is (pain and suffering of pets being one example).

    Having said that, the performances were heartfelt and uplifting. My only serious concern is that as it’s an outdoor show, please take the weather in mind when planning your schedule.

  4. A heart-felt show that keeps you drawn in with a very relaxed discussion on the scariest topic imaginable – death. The style of dialogue feels really genuine and the performer’s chemistry makes the much welcomed laughs really work.

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