ImproVision: Mötley Canöe

– ImproVision

The WORLD’S OUTDOORSIEST METAL BAND dons plaid spandex and mooses their hair for a gnarly reunion tour featuring wild tunes like “Oars! Oars! Oars!” from their new album, Shout at the River…
Sorry, we made all that up.
See, that’s what ImproVision does: Alan MacKenzie, Ed Cuddy and George McRobb perform short-form improv made up on the spot based on your suggestions (and maybe even your text messages). It’s a bodacious concert featuring mashed-up games, puppets, clothespins… and maybe a little spandex.
4 STARS “…can take even the most bland audience suggestions and spin gold” – Winnipeg Free Press
5 STARS “…kings of short form improv” – CBC Radio

2 thoughts on “ImproVision: Mötley Canöe

  1. Half of the group was out sick tonight but they still did a great job! Love the puppet review at the end!

  2. Hilarious! Improvision is a must-see every year. So talented, clever and witty!

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