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Come to Influenced: a hilarious rabbit-hole cabaret. It’s interactive theatre content targeted directly at you. Watch as this mesmerizing, dummy thicc and and dangerous bouffon clown gleefully mocks influencers, experts…and you. Let go as Algo, a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa, feeds you number after number. All you need to do is sort the real from the fake, the ‘us’ from the ‘them’ and the truth from the lies.

“Sam takes the audience on quite the ride. From demure to demented, she brings out the best (and the worst) of us as she goads, prods, and convinces us to share what we’re really thinking. Definitely a force to be reckoned with!”

-Byron Laviolette, Director of Morro and Jasp

6 thoughts on “Influenced

  1. Ever lose a loved one to social media battles, online ego flexing, technological self help gurus, cyberbullying, or any of the many other negative mental health symptoms that accompany being wrapped up in “the cloud?” Ever lost yourself up there as well? If so, this is the play for you! Sam Chaulk’s awe inspiring exploration of the online world we share with our own is an enthralling, thought provoking, and reflective journey into the depths of the demonic heart of the internet. Be warned; she will try and pull you in. No matter what it takes.

  2. This is a brilliant bouffon show, but bouffon is not for everyone. Sam is an exceptional talent and one of the best I’ve seen of this style of comedy/social commentary. I LOVED this show. Sharp, pointed, hilarious, & just the right kind of uncomfortable. SEE IT!

  3. A super fun Fringe show that makes you think. If you think it’s “bullying” then the show went over your head. Sometimes being uncomfortable is exactly why we need to force us to self reflect. This is exactly the kind of show I want to see at Fringe! 10/10 would see again!

  4. A wild and wacky ride!
    Sams cast of characters bring discomfort but in a hilarious way. She skews trendy influencer talking points and makes you think about how we spend our time online.
    If you’re not uncomfortable after this show you didn’t see it right. Definitely worth it for a great show, real fun proper fringe show.

  5. In this case I think I’m less interested in reviewing the show (1 star?), than I am in offering you some potential warnings that might been overlooked in the program:

    1. She’s serious about mocking the audience. On numerous occasions she asked people to turn over their phones so she could review their Instagram or browser history. When one brave soul did, she reviewed his browser history and mocked him for being boring.

    2. When one audience member was uncomfortable saying a pledge, she pressed him on why. When he said he didn’t feel comfortable pledging something he didn’t agree with. She ended up bullying him into it.

    I could elaborate further, but I feel like I’ve made my point. The Fringe allows for a lot, so be prepared for what you’re getting into before you go.

  6. Wow…I honestly have no idea how to feel about what I just saw. But I think that’s a good thing? I’ve never laughed so much or been so uncomfortable in a single show. And that voice! Sam is a beautiful singer. She’s also smart as a whip and was able to navigate everything her small but enthusiastic audience threw her way. Very, very fringe. Don’t miss it!

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