James & Jamesy: Easy as Pie

– James & Jamesy

A pie. A face. James & Jamesy attempt to fuse the two together and conquer this classic of comedy. They fail.
Diving into the depths of their psyches, they mine their memories for clues about what’s holding them back.
Praise for James & Jamesy:
3-time London Impresario
24-time Best of Fest
★★★★★ – London Free Press, Theatre in London, CBC, Edmonton Journal, Torontoist, Stage Door

5 thoughts on “James & Jamesy: Easy as Pie

  1. I’ll cut to the chase: I’ve seen countless great Fringe shows over the last 25+ years, and I can confidently call this my favorite (it’s my first Fringe three-peat viewing).

    The layers make this show whatever you want it to be, which is why when you hear word-of-mouth raves, you might get “it’s a thoughtful show about trauma” from one person and “it’s a hilarious slapstick!” from the next. Both are correct.

    As someone who struggled with a somewhat irrational fear – remarkably similar to the one James “faces” (ahem) – watching this show feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket. They absolutely nail the nuances of the tricks our brains can play on us and the futility of trying to fix a mental blocker by ourselves.

    Their greatest trick is maintaining this as a broad comedy through and through, but never discounting James’s fear of being pied as frivolous. Solving this pie problem is important to James, which instantly makes it important to Jamesy — and important to us.

    The script is brimming with great choices (including some home-run meta moments), and their connection with each other and the audience is outstanding as always.

    If you’re hesitant because the big costumes seem intimidating or the pie thing sounds unpredictable, don’t worry. The guys’ humanity easily shines through all the greasepaint, and there’s no spash zone required. Just like with any James & Jamesy show, you’re in good hands.

  2. Absolutely loved this show. The physical comedy was brilliant! A comedic show with a much deeper meaning. James and Jamesy at their finest!

  3. Never would have sought out this show on my own, but a friend convinced me to go. Had no expectations going in and left pleasantly surprised. Not laugh-out-loud funny, but I kept a smile on my face the entire time. They presented a wonderful performance.

  4. As someone who hopes to one day become a professional clown, I of course came for the clownery. Was not expecting a profound and touching examination on PTSD but hey, no complaints here! Well worth the watch 11/10

  5. Funny, entertaining, touching all in one play. Great physical comedy but also engaging and touches the heart with its moments. Worth the watch!

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