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Global lockdown stranded Jem on a faraway beach in the holy town of Gokarna, India. And his wandering life changed completely. As he slowly became part of an extended village. Amidst a highly eclectic mix of Indian and foreign outsiders.
While a young Indian friend/genius appointed him his guru.
Till Jem had the sudden shocking thought… “I’m dead. This paradise is the Afterlife. And a much better Afterlife than I in any way deserve.”
So who does he, an unspiritual, say “thank you” to, for all this luck and beauty?
Comic weirdness, human snapshots and a person-shaped hole in the fence.
More Fringe Festivals than anyone else this century. Jem has received 40+ FIVE STAR reviews from Winnipeg Free Press, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette and many many more.

7 thoughts on “jem rolls MAXIMUM CRUSOE

  1. I was capitivated by jem rolls’ MAXIMUM CRUSOE. One hour wasn’t enough – I need more of this story! I highly recommend this unusual tale of pandemic induced afterlife. ***** #wpgfringe

  2. Jem is reliable, and this was the best I’ve seen yet from him. Thoroughly poetic, relatable, great story-telling.

  3. It’s good to be good, and nice to be nice. This particular work was ok. And while I do enjoy a good wordsmith working at their craft, I found myself looking at my watch within 15 minutes.

  4. Jem tells a poetic story of being stranded in India during Covid, with plenty of interesting detail and characters. My first time seeing him, although I understand that he’s been a fixture at Fringe for decades. Maybe my expectations were too high. Three star for me.

  5. Jem is a “GEM”, again. Another hour of mezmorizing story telling that elapses with polished ease. BRAVO 👏🙏. 5 star 😁

  6. Jem Rolls was… himself. The material was pretty good, and Gem is probably the most polished performer in Fringe history. Just ask him. 🙂

  7. jem describes himself as a “poet” and I can see why. There are so many thoughts and phrases from this performance that are going to stick with me for a long time, just like good poetry does.

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