Keeping The Moon

– It’s All Relative Productions

Meet Luna: named after the Roman Goddess of the moon and someone who knows way too many facts about the moon, which she knows is weird.
She’s a Scorpio, who loves the Baby-Sitters club, Taylor Swift and moon pies.
This is her story.
But it could also be her mother’s.
As she transitions through phases of the moon she goes on her own journey to discover herself, her complicated relationship with her mother and what she keeps hidden from others.

From the creator of: Filter This “One of the best things I’ve seen at Winnipeg Fringe” – Ace Burpee
One Date City 4 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press
Isolation Journals- Audience Pick Award Saskatoon Fringe

12 thoughts on “Keeping The Moon

  1. Great show about a complicated mother-daughter relationship that certainly resonated with me! The use of lighting and music enhanced the story well, and the dancing expressed emotions beautifully. All the elements came together to create a compelling work. 4½ stars for me.

  2. I left this show with a huge lump in my throat. It was BEAUTIFUL and so moving. Reba is a compelling storyteller, skilled actor and beautifully emotive dancer. This one will stay with you.

  3. It’s All Relative Productions’ shows are always enjoyable, and Keeping the Moon is no exception. I particularly enjoyed the “young Luna” flashback scenes. And the subtle touches, like how the music matched moments on stage so beautifully.

  4. A lovely show about a strained mother-daughter relationship. This show will make you want to both dance and cry at times. Also so many moon facts! Song choice is top-notch. Reba is one talented lady!

  5. A gorgeous, soft and intimate show about belonging and making space for yourself when your mom looms like the moon.

    Reba is a beautiful writer and her performance is grounded and very compelling.

  6. Evocative play the explores the mother/ daughter relationship. Periodically emotions are portrayed through contemporary dance. Tender, truthful, real and often humorous.

  7. Beautifully written play, where you will feel all the complicated emotions of grief in the best way possible. It was also so refreshing to experience a lot of the complicated mother-daughter relationship through music and dance. A must watch.

  8. The relationship between Luna and her mother was relatable and all the elements of the productions work together. Well done! Swifties will enjoy the soundtrack

  9. A heartfelt journey of a mother daughter relationship from child to adult through spoken word and dance

  10. Heart warming , sad, funny, all the feels, I was rooting for Luna to find herself! Loved it!❤️

  11. Storyline was relatable and the song choices for this show were top notch. Incredible show

  12. It’s so refreshing to see a gentle, empathetic, character on a fringe stage. Really interesting stage, sound, and lighting design, combined with lyrical (and emotional) brief moments of dance contribute to a rich theatre experience. Professionally performed as well. Recommended.

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