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La La Luna Sea is a murder mystery. Will Inspector Pisoni solve the murder crime? We doubt it and so will you. Under the threat of ruination, Head of Operations Rouffignac must root out the counter spy AND help solve the murder? Will he crack the case wide open with an aha moment? What happens in this teeny weeny town of Luna Sea? We’d like to know too.
Set in 1930s France and definitely NOT based on a true story. A comedy written by nom de plume Aimee Nerve.

19 thoughts on “La La Luna Sea

  1. Ambitious attempt at a farcical comedy for an amateur group but if you commit to seeing it through to the end, there’s a payoff: a French goodbye.
    Kudos to Willow for the surprising song!

  2. My friends and I really enjoyed the show! Laughed so hard sometimes that we snorted. It had that British silliness feel. The end had an unexpected humorous twist to cap off the enjoyable ride. I highly recommend taking this one in.

  3. This is a silly and funny show overall. Story is very simple, unfortunately it wasn’t delivered very well. I sat in the 5th row, I couldn’t understand majority casts lines the half time. They really need to work on their projecting and articulation. Most casts’ body languages were so awkward and confusing, and I did not mean in the comedic sense. But they did make me giggle during the show. However, I was very impressed by the actor who played the main detective role. His acting, line delivery, body language were in a natural, smooth, and professional way. It was the second night. Hopefully they are improved now.

  4. It is really fun to see there is so much controversy in the reviews for this show. Perhaps that is what the secret writer wanted. Read and research your history folks because France was occupied in the 1930’s. Any historical reference mentioned in the play (wait- is this a play? or a physical comedy sketch?) is absolutely correct. Seriously folks- this is Fringe. Remember anything goes! How much did you pay for your ticket? Did anyone claim to be professional actor in a play with a professional budget? I think not. Take a chill pill.
    AND actors were heard…they were heard delightfully…they were absolutely funny…they hit their marks…..the audience laughed..and so did I at todays show….I recommend this show…Matt.

  5. The timeline of the show didn’t add up to the time written in the program. France wasn’t occupied until the 40s. Modern language used…. The bear skin rug was the star of the show. The Free Press article was nice….

  6. Overall – I enjoyed the show.

    There were a few actors that I was not able to hear, I would suspect that they were a little more inexperienced. But there were also a couple actors that were fantastic, spoke very clearly and they kept the show alive for me. The singer has a terrific voice.

    It was a fun fringe show to watch.

  7. Candy – It’s unfortunate that you were not able to hear – as then maybe you would have understood the story.
    If you did not enjoy the show, then that was your experience, I am allowed to share my experience as well. When you give such negative reviews – maybe don’t hide behind “reviewer”. I genuinely hope you have a nice life and can learn to shed some positivity into the world.

    Regardless – The show that I experienced was funny and the crowd was laughing constantly – I really enjoyed it.

    To anyone who has some time to see a show and you don’t know what to see – I would say keep this one in mind. 🙂

  8. Amateur production. Misses the mark, has a mishmash of story elements that do not make sense – the dress, the concept, the time period and location.
    All of it made worse by the bad timing and bad performances

  9. In reply to Sophie Reid – we sat in the first 1/4 of the theater. My suggestion for you is to read we have no hearing problems and in fact attended another show in the same venue and sat at the back and had no issues hearing since they could actually perform. Quit hiding as a ‘reviewer’ when your just a member of the cast

  10. I couldn’t understand what the actors were saying, the physical comedy missed the mark completely and no one in the audience laughed.
    Give this a miss.

  11. Not sure why there are negatives reviews on this show – It was SO funny. I loved every second of it. The actors did fantastic jobs and looked like they were having a great time. The crowd was laughing really hard and I am so happy I was able to see this show. Definitely put this on your list to see!

    Suggestions for past reviewer Candy –
    I was about 3/4 up in the seating and could hear everything clearly. I would suggest to and sit closer to the stage at fringe shows in the future if you have a hard time hearing. Most shows that I have been to do not have microphones on the cast.

    Great job to the cast of La La Luna Sea – keep up the great work and happy run for the rest of your fringe shows!!!

  12. Hilarious show! Perfect for a fringe festival! Loads of laughter coming from the audience and the actors on stage were phenomenal!

  13. So so funny! Show lives up to its title and description. Actors were hilarious. Audience could not stop laughing!
    Loved the dancers!

  14. Short – do not go! Watch paint dry instead it would be more entertaining.

    Long – Sadly this show was everything you don’t want in a fringe show.
    First it takes 10 minutes into the play to give the audience a foundation for the play – the show really needs a narrated introduction.
    While the intro dancing scene has good parts (one couple) it’s more a kin to a sad adult dance recital and from there sadly it goes down hill.
    Several things plague the show:
    1. Lack of microphones or actors projecting their voices – it was hard very hard to hear lines (we sat maybe halfway back and have no hearing difficulties).
    2. The cast lack comedic timing and fail to pause in dialogue when the audience does laugh (maybe because they aren’t used to the audience actually laughing?) again leading to missed dialogue
    3. The horrible accents do absolutely nothing to make the play more understandable and only lead to more questions – if we are set in France why do all the actors not have accents? Why only some? Why do we have Italian accents?
    The exceptional poor accents also make it extremely difficult to understand key dialogue. (It’s bad when your 15 minutes, checking your watch then debating turning and running from the rest)
    4. At some point they talk about the play being set in a ball room which makes no sense because their is also a bar but it’s also at a sleezy hotel – so which is it because the three don’t make sense.

  15. Went to the show not knowing what to expect.
    Had a really great time and lots of laughs!

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