Lessons They Won’t Let Us Teach in School

– Joseph-Herd Productions

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. Good pay, great benefits, the opportunity to enlighten future generations. But the job also comes with some restrictions. After all, there are some things you just can’t say in a classroom. Things that are “too racy,” “too real” and “will get you fired.” In Lessons They Won’t Let Us Teach in School, watch real-life teachers and theatre professionals, Cuinn and Connor Joseph, let loose and teach you all the things they wish they could share in their classrooms. You will laugh, you will learn, and most importantly, you will not report them to their bosses.

12 thoughts on “Lessons They Won’t Let Us Teach in School

  1. This show was my favorite of all the shows I saw this year! The Joseph brothers are funny, engaging, relatable and tell it like it is. They hit home with their message about today’s kids! LOVED it!

  2. Quick and witty, the Joseph brothers tell it like it is! Their message is real, and they use personal experience, creativity, energy, and humour to engage the audience. You don’t have to be a teacher to enjoy this show.

  3. Good show but not what I was expecting. Much more serious message than I was expecting.

  4. So good! Funny and full of heart and absolutely worth seeing, even if you aren’t a teacher!

  5. Aside from being waggish, these dudes make sense. Despite a comical delivery, their message is utterly serious. If teachers truly aspire helping students become functional citizens (in the real world); we ought to take heed from these guys.

  6. Absolutely fantastic show! There wasn’t a single time where I wasn’t loving it, really made me think and laugh my butt off
    If you’re a teacher watch this show! 10/10

  7. Fun, light show. I was expecting them to engage more with the recent restrictions on teaching in the USA, and even had a section that they skimmed over. I also had to adjust my expectations as it was a more mainstream take (where they think Canada is doing well with trans/BLM, which is not the case everywhere).

  8. They put on a good performance and seem like they would be great teachers but was not what I went in expecting so needed to adjust my expectations.

  9. A fun time! Good humour with a good amount of heart from people who are clearly quite passionate educators.

  10. Excellent! Fantastic humour throughout, the performers are great, and there’s a bit of getting real as well; but not too much. (Note: insert semicolon joke now.)

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