Let’s Talk About Your Death

– Allspice Theatre

So you’re going to die. CONGRATULATIONS! …You probably have questions. Join renowned Death Expert Dr. Elliott Morris for a very special talk show taping and let’s answer them together! Remember: just because death is impossibly unknown and unavoidable, that’s no reason to stop believing in yourself along the way!
A black comedy that asks why death automatically makes the comedy black.
5 STARS “Fringe plays just don’t get more inventive, original, courageous and intelligent” – Gig City
5 STARS “Hilariously scripted and charmingly life-affirming” – Vue Weekly
“A must-see” – St. Albert Gazette

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Your Death

  1. I can agree that the show is a little uneven – the second half in particular – but the performer(s) were a delight. I laughed so much and enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek dark comedy. The show does live or die on the audience participation sections, so be warned before you offer to go onstage! You’re in good hands though – Dr Morris is here to help.

  2. The awesome intro playlist sucked me in and the dark comedy kept my attention, but I have to admit that it lagged around the halfway point until it became quite serious. In the end, I found it surprisingly emotional and heartfelt. So it was well worth it and I definitely recommend this show to anyone who is curious about their death.

  3. You have to be a little patient with this one. It meanders a bit – but it comes together and rewards you at the end. When I left, I thought it was just okay, but I found myself thinking about it multiple times afterward… always a sign of a successful production. The actor takes a touchy subject and makes it palatable and personal. The “do not open” envelopes were an especially nice touch.

  4. Really took me by surprise, and kept surprising me all the way to the end. You should see this if you’re even the slightest bit interested in the premise.

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