Long Night of the American Dream

– Concrete Drops Theatre

Best new play of the year! An exciting, divisive, heartfelt, ridiculous, enraging, funny and head-spinning two-person play about the spasmodic slumber and voluptuous visions of a knackered nation. Directed by Vanessa Quesnelle, performed by Andrew Broaddus and Martin Dockery (winner of over 50 festival awards from 15 years of touring). Previous shows by Martin Dockery: The Stakeout, The Sex Life of Butterflies, Moonlight After Midnight, and many more. Also currently at this year’s Fringe: Every Good Story Ends With One.
A world premiere.

7 thoughts on “Long Night of the American Dream

  1. My friends and I found this both very dull and extremely pretentious, though we did appreciate the skill of the actors.

  2. Once you figure out the real plot of the story, you will get caught up in the narrative. Ah, brotherly love. BRAVO 👏

  3. Long Night of the American Dream has layers, so many layers! Andrew Broaddus and Martin Dockery take us on a deep dive, then masterfully guide the audience back, imparting life lessons of love along the way #wpgfringe

  4. Andrew and Martin are a fantastic duo spinning a bizarre narrative that left me wondering what did I just see!??

  5. Martin Dockery (and now his brother) are never a disappointment. As always 5/5!

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