Ma-Buhay! The Road To Rainbow Stage

– Ma-Buhay! A New Musical

Join the creation journey of the next big hit musical, Ma-Buhay! Filipinos Singing For Their Lives, in development with Rainbow Stage.

Featuring new songs, showcasing dynamic choreography and exploring the digital design, this final workshop presentation will share the highs and lows of Ma-Buhay’s five-year journey and will surely make a super-fan out of you, as this inspirational musical sings and dances its way to the world premiere. Coming soon!

16 thoughts on “Ma-Buhay! The Road To Rainbow Stage

  1. Ma-Buhay was incredible. So much energy and passion from top to bottom. The songs were great, dancing was top notch. And this was only a workshop! I can’t wait to see the full show!

  2. This was honestly the best fringe show I’ve ever seen! The representation was just AMAZING! Even though it’s just a workshop it still brought me to tears.

  3. Lots of stuff hit close to home, proud of all the people I know who have and are and will be part of this show. Can’t wait to see it on the big stage in its full 🙂

  4. Excellent preview of the show that will eventually hit rainbow stage. The original music and dance numbers were so fun to watch! I really loved this one.

    My only complaint is It was hard to hear at times because this stage just had mics hanging from the ceiling. It would have been nice if the main characters were mic’D as I found it difficult to hear some of the words!

  5. Ma-buhay is one of the most fantastic show workshops I’ve ever had the please of enjoying! I am excited to see it grow further and make its way to Rainbow Stage and Broadway!

  6. BLOWN-AWAY. Must-see show. I was already expecting great things seeing the reviews for Ma-Buhay. But I was still blown away.

    – Each and every song was original and was a hit.
    – The dancing was so skillfully executed.
    – Powerful strong choreography that is incredibly captivating to watch.
    – Beautiful singing of the wonderful and meaning and funny lyrics.
    – So many funny moments and jokes.
    – Wonderful tender moments that are completely relatable.
    – Unapologetically Filipino while still being incredibly accessible for non-Filipinos to experience the humor and fun too

    This is a musical that every one would enjoy and love.

    I need more people to experience this with me. I am already planning to see this with more friends and family in the next few days.

    I’m so excited for this to hit the main stage with the full show. I already know that I’m buying multiple tickets when this has its world premiere.

  7. I loved Ma-Buhay so much I couldn’t help myself after the show from stopping people to ask if they had seen it or wanted a recommendation for a show. I was almost vibrating from the need to share it with others!
    I had decided ealry in the show that I was going to be giving a standing ovation whether the others in the audience did or not. I may have been first or second to stand, but so did most everyone else!
    The original songs, the dancing, the performers – so wonderfully done! I was emotionally caught up in the message, with everything. This is a must-see show.

  8. We saw it on opening night. With the full backing of the crowd, this was an amazing experience. I am hoping to see great things in the future from this team.

  9. As a Filipina artist, I was absolutely blown away by the message Mabuhay told on stage. I almost started crying at the sight of many of my friends up there. Representation is SO crucial, and the fact that these stories are being told through original work makes it all the more special. I especially appreciated the aspect that Joseph shed light on of Filipinos who don’t speak Tagalog, because I grew up not speaking the native language and felt secluded because of it. This story will touch many hearts, and I hope it gets picked up further to reach larger audiences nation-wide!!

  10. MA-BUHAY was such an amazing and fun production to watch! With a full Filipino cast, catchy songs, and energetic choreography, there is no doubt this musical could make it to broadway. Thank you to the cast, production staff, and everyone involved for putting on such an unforgettable show!

  11. MA-BUHAY was an amazing and fun production to watch. With a full Filipino cast, catchy songs, and energetic choreography, there is no doubt this musical could make it to broadway! I loved the way the story was told and I can’t wait till next year to watch the full thing at rainbow road. Thank you cast, staff, and everyone involved for putting on a great show!

  12. This workshop left me in awe and I’m so excited to see more! Congratulations to the production team, performers and choreographers. This workshop is truly unique and beautiful. The vocals will have you stunned and the choreography delivers powerful emotions. This performance is almost enough to make a grown Filipino man cry! Very well deserved congratulations, I hope to see this cast again next year!

  13. This show was my first experience with the Winnipeg Fringe festival and WOW. The representation of Filipino culture was very heartfelt. The leads embodied their characters extremely well, the ensemble has a ridiculous amount of energy, and the singing was top notch! Can’t wait to watch the full show because this workshop definitely leaves you wanting more!!

  14. The musical was phenomenal.The songs were catchy, acting was great and the dancing was fantastic. Can’t wait for the full show to hit the rainbow stage!

  15. Wow. This workshop production is mind-blowingly good, and I can’t wait to see the full production. Music and lyrics are fresh and wonderful, vocal performances are great, and choreography is inventive and beautifully executed. This show is going to Broadway!

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