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Winnipeg mind illusionist Patrick Gregoire (The Astonisher) presents Mindreader, a mesmerizing mentalism show featuring the art of reading minds.
This show will leave you spellbound as you witness Patrick’s ability to seemingly reach into the heads of audience members and uncover their private thoughts…

Patrick’s previous Fringe show (Dangerous Magic, 2017) sold out all eight dates, received 4 STARS from the Winnipeg Free Press, and got rave reviews from attendees.
This year, he’s back with an all-new experience that will leave you in awe and disbelief. Don’t miss your chance to witness mystifying mind reading up close and personal in this truly mind-blowing mentalism show…
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9 thoughts on “Mindreader

  1. We were astonished by how incredible Patrick was in reading minds. We all can’t get over yet. The show was very engaging and we look forward to watching him again next year. Bravo Patrick!

  2. This show could be called “Mindblown.” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. I don’t believe in mind reading — do I? Still shaking my head in wonderment …

  3. Mind. Blown. Highly recommend this show! If you’re a skeptic, he might make you a believer! Audience participation is a huge part of this show’s success (he needs minds to read, after all.) So hopefully you or someone else in the audience will be willing to contribute to the entertainment. Don’t worry – you won’t be forced to participate.

  4. I don’t believe in mind reading, this show is crazy, in a good way, I’m still mind boogled hours after. It was a really well put together show. Highly recommend it!!!

  5. Mindreader is wonderfully entertaining from beginning to end. Crowd participation is optional (you can keep those private thoughts to yourself…) but is simple, fun, and is mostly from your seat. The pace is great, the stunts are varied and intertwined, with some tricks sneaking their way back into the light somehow. The Astonisher and will leave you wondering how and if mind reading truly is possible!

  6. Outstanding! We were blown away by how magical Patrick Gregoire’s mind reading show was last night. Its a great experience for those that like to be part of the show with no one being put on the spot – well done!

    If you’re curious to witness a “How’d he do that?” performance go see Patrick live in action and see for yourself. You will be entertained!

    – I highly recommend adding Patrick Gregoire to your ‘must see’ Fringe list!

  7. It was a great show and I highly recommend it! You can tell that Patrick has been honing his craft for a long time. His mindreading feats were impossible and the element of danger in the show left me on the edge of my seat!

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