– H.A.N.D.

In the midst of a raging blizzard, a birthday party has gone horribly wrong. During a power outage, with the blizzard cutting off all contact to the outside world, somebody has murdered Bradd. The four surviving friends must uncover who among them is the killer. Fortunately, one of the friends just so happens to be a hard-boiled detective. Unfortunately, the murderer is still in the room and could strike again at any moment. EVERYONE IS A SUSPECT. EVERYONE IS HORNY.
Sam Fergus (writer/director of Murder… IN THE FOURTH DEGREE!!!): 5 STARS. Definitely a play that you should go watch, probably multiple times. It is masterfully written and the director is incredibly humble and good-looking.
Maureen Fergus (mother of Sam Fergus): 5 STARS. The director is a very handsome little man.

22 thoughts on “Murder… IN THE FOURTH DEGREE!!!

  1. Goofy, raunchy, and overall just a ridiculous good time. You could tell the cast was having fun throughout the performance, which let’s the audience have fun along with them

  2. Original and naughty, this amusingly witty and fast-paced performance showcased a talented director, cast, and crew.

  3. True crime at its best, we all really enjoyed it. 5 stars for sure- so proud to see homegrown talent putting smiles on people’s faces!!

  4. incredible actors, extremely funny and a “bamboozling” mystery that keeps you on your toes the whole time. an absolute must see!

  5. A master piece, refreshing, funny, acting was phenomenal, well done everyone. A must see show, hopefully they will be back next year.

  6. the kids are gonna be alright.

    Murder in the 4th Degree was an abundance of wit & chemistry. not only is it an invitation to “enjoy”, its also an inspiration to “create”.

    this show is best paired with cute, cozy company; post-show group photos; & a cheers of drinks while gushing about the show’s sonic allure & endearing introspection.

    the entire cast & crew did a phenomenal job. my only regret was not immediately jumping up for a standing ovation.

  7. Witty, clever and entertaining!! Loved this shows humour and performances from the entire cast were stellar. 5/5 stars!

  8. This show is most evidently a playwright finding their voice. Sam Fergus’ directorial and writing debut is a work of art, standing out among other murder mysteries and comedies at this years Fringe Fest. I absolutely adored it, and the specific brand of articulate comedy is so fast you catch things you wouldn’t see on first watch. Top it all off with a nod to one of the worst fringe plays in winnipeg history (if you know… you know). Fergus has a long career ahead of him in playwriting, and I hope to see his work next year.

  9. This play was laugh out loud funny, with new Winnipeg talent on full display. Trying not to post spoilers, but I loved the murder recreation scenes.

  10. I enjoyed the humour and fast pace of this show. It reminded me of the movie ‘Clue’ with lots of twists and turns. The actors were engaging and having fun on stage, which is what the Fringe is all about. I would recommend it!

  11. Brilliant. 4th Degree gives us some of the best that Fringe can offer. One idea in particular was genius. It’s a bit weird, and yes, quite horny. Highly recommended.

  12. A tad contrived, but it is very apparent that the playwright has a very distinct and articulate sense of humour which is conveyed perfectly by the actors. A stand-out performance from Aubrey, who has both the pipes and dance skills as well as acting to make it to Broadway if they wanted to. 4 stars, I just wish the male actors were yelling less and projecting more. Overall; a great experience!

  13. Funny, quick-paced “bamboozling” murder mystery! With a well-choreographed… (oops, no spoilers,,,). These actors did a top-notch job! It was thoroughly entertaining!

  14. This is a perfect example of how different people enjoy or don’t enjoy a performance! I found this one silly, overacted and not funny…and the premise of the story was too bizarre for me.

  15. SO GOOD!!!! An absolute must see, one of the best shows i’ve seen at fringe in a LONG time… creative, original, and awe inspiring performances from all involved. AMAZING!

  16. A clever and flabbergasting production topped with scrumptious punchlines and a sprinkle of pure heart! All the performers had lovely projection and made the hall feel full and alive in spite of the lack of microphones. Full of sly cultural commentary, as well as genuine life lessons; this play has a fun twist, dedicated cast, and a very tight runtime. 5 stars! Must see!

  17. 5 Stars! Such an incredibly well done show, with amazing attention to details and staging! Has a committed cast and crew who each did their part in helping to create the wonderful show! The actors all have great speaking volumes as they perform without microphones, along with clear characterization and good character choices! Overall, very professional and captivating show that has you laughing in your seats; a show definitely worth your ticket!! Loved it!

  18. 5 Stars

    Prepare for an uproarious rollercoaster of laughter and intrigue in “Murder… IN THE FOURTH DEGREE”! This side-splitting murder mystery play weaves brilliantly written humor, outstanding direction, and impeccable performances, delivering an unforgettable theatrical delight that has something for everyone to enjoy. Through cleverly crafted jokes and witty banter, the play subtly addresses important lessons, making MITFD an incredibly enjoyable and thought-provoking theatrical experience. It is an absolute must see!

  19. AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE! Clever, laugh-out-loud funny, fast-paced, well written and superbly acted, this show was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. WOW!!!

  20. Murder… IN THE FOURTH DEGREE is an incredibly funny and well-written show. The acting was phenomenal and the punch lines hit hard. It’s nice to see talent like this come out of Winnipeg. If you’re looking for a show with an incredibly original plot twist that will make your sides hurt from laughing, this is the one to watch.

  21. This. Was. HILARIOUS! ! It absolutely blew me away (I was slightly worried that I might pee myself). Do yourself a favour and watch this show!!!!!!

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