My Body of Work

-Holly M Brinkman

A new solo show from the creator of A Woman’s Guide to Peeing Outside and Pack Animals. Holly M. Brinkman, a performer who Toronto NOW Magazine called “endearing, with unapologetic vulnerability” is back with an examination of life in a female body. A sexy, raw and beautifully honest new work that fuses storytelling and burlesque. Her relationship to herself, diet culture and a legacy of trauma traced back to her grandparents’ experience in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation.
There are some stories that can only be told with the body.
4 STARS “satirical and silly with a strong message” – CBC Manitoba
4 STARS “compelling, honest and very funny” – NOW Magazine, Toronto

4 thoughts on “My Body of Work

  1. Wonderful story that likely most millennial women out there could relate to. A mixture of vulnerable, comedy, dance, and of course burlesque!

  2. Absolutely everything I love about the Fringe. Honest, vulnerable, provocative with a little twist of audience participation. Holly is brave – in all the best ways. I learned a little bit of history too. Do it! You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Yes you are fringing,but are you fringing?This show is quirky and will keep you guessing as to what will come next.Fresh ,with much to say. You will laugh, cry, and learn.Inspiring! Dance, storytelling, audience participation that introverts can do and nudity.You will never ever see a show like this again!

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