My Dad Isn’t Danny DeVito

– Anthony DeVito

NYC comedian Anthony DeVito’s father died when he was just a baby. Armed with only one photo of the two of them, Anthony created a loving, gentle and caring vision of his father – the proud new dad. And his father was all of those things. But he was also a made man in a prominent organized crime family. My Dad isn’t Danny DeVito is a solo show about Anthony finding out who his father was. At 18, Anthony’s mom told him the truth about his dad. Ten years later, he learned she hadn’t told him everything. Come see an intimate night of standup/storytelling about Italian Americans, identity, shame and so much more!
5 STARS – Entertainment Now
4 STARS – One4Review

2 thoughts on “My Dad Isn’t Danny DeVito

  1. A powerful, hilarious, and powerful performances that ingenuiously mixes stand-up comedy with drama. Anthony Devito’s storytelling skills are hypnotic while his whiplash comedic timing make this one a must see celebration of love, loss, and tragedy within a family.

  2. A lot of great stand-up material, and a really interesting story that unfolds just gradually enough to really help you feel it at every step. The fact that it’s all packaged as a New York stand-up set made me feel kind of blindsided whenever it went really pensive and philosophical. But maybe because of that, it always felt genuine and never pretentious. Just the kind of thing I come to Fringe to see. I highly recommend it.

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