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Neechie – Noun
A friend. A bestie. Maybe a cuuuuzzzzin. For sure, someone’s deadly auntie.
Four childhood friends. A reunion interrupted. Incarceration. But with the help of Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, Vera Wang, the cops (eventually) and some nosy nosy men, justice might prevail. The bow and arrow probably helped a little. Yeah.

One thought on “Neechies

  1. Absolutely amazing show, I loved the mix of humour and dramatic moments, which perfectly complimented each other in the show. Tracey Nepinak is incredible as always, and the entire cast meshed so perfectly together and performed fantastically, both as an ensemble and in their own individual performances. Amazing set, amazing tech work, and amazing story told by amazing actors.

    5/5 stars, would definitely recommend!

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