– Neurohilarity

Come join us for Neurohilarity, the comedy show that celebrates Neurodiversity. This hilarious cast includes Kane Greene (Winnipeg Comedy Festival), Quinn Greene (The Grinch with the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, Winnipeg Comedy Festival), Danielle Kayhara (Just for Laughs, Yuk Yuk’s, Winnipeg Comedy Festival), Scott Koropas (2023 Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Yuk Yuk’s), Adam Schwartz, (Yuk Yuk’s) and Carole Cunningham (CBC’s the Debaters, Toronto Festival of Clowns).

2 thoughts on “Neurohilarity

  1. I am so glad Neurohilarity is back again this year! You are guaranteed to laugh, each set is really funny, and ending off with some beatboxing and poetry was icing on the cake. And Danielle, your set was so relatable! Well done!! Go see this show! And hope to see you again next year!

  2. Fun show, great energy and very informative! I would see it again and bring more friends

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