Okie Dokie

– Physically Speaking

Combining clown, character and mime, the story of Margaret, a lonely woman who escapes her humdrum world by fantasies and unrequited love for Elvis, is interrupted by an unexpected visitor from another planet and she soon becomes an unexpected mother.
Margaret spends her whole life saying “Hello”, but in the end will she have the confidence to say “Goodbye”?

5 thoughts on “Okie Dokie

  1. WOW, just left this show and knew I immediately had to leave a review. Ardyth is such a powerful storyteller, and such a talented clown/mime/actress. She has crafted such a unique, adorable, and hilarious show and blew me away with how expressive and entertaining it was, being just herself and some props. Please go see this show if you have a chance, Ardyth deserves those seats to be completely filled. So much fun physical comedy, great sound design and execution, wonderful use of mime, and a lovely, heartfelt ending. A must see!

  2. This show was so sweet and funny. Literally she’s some tears. Definitely worth the watch.

  3. Dear reviewer for the Free Press. I saw this show the same night as you and it’s amazing that two people can have such different responses to a show. Of course I was watching it and you were writing in your book literally for the entire performance. Maybe going to a show with an open mind might be helpful for your enjoyment of a show. Just a thought.

  4. Okie Dokie is a fun filled one woman show filled with physical comedy, mime and clowning. Margaret, a die hard Elvis fan, is thrust into a new life by acting as a mother to a mysterious alien baby. This show is the very foundation of Fringe and features light comedy, special effects and projectiles (front row guests beware). If you rely on the Free Press to make your show choices, you’re not a Fringer. Check out this show if you’re attending this week!

  5. This show is so funny! Ardyth is so good at brining the imagination to life through her hard work of clowning. I laughed so hard I cried on multiple locations. A fringe must see!! 🤩

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