Old God

– Splash Time

Old God is a foppish, irreverent oracle. A singer of doom and weaver of myth. A being so old, they have forgotten their own name. Exquisitely costumed and poised before a hand-painted canvas backdrop encircled by fancy golden footlights, this white-faced clown seems to have pranced out of the theatre houses of the 1800s.

Through virtuosic pantomime and improvisational feats of language, Old God rains down a frenetic hail of words and ideas that veer wildly from the absurd and scatological, to the poignant and profound. This show breathes, it is alive, and is created fresh every night.

7 thoughts on “Old God

  1. Jones-Trujillo is pure talent and engages the audience masterfully! His quick wit and banter provided many laughs while he used such skill to connect his storytelling to the crowd. This is a performance you could see many times over.

  2. *****Robin Williams dressed as a Harlequin*****
    Eloquent and bawdy in gorgeous costume, this guy will knock your socks off…just want to know what his name is! See him and be bowled over!

  3. An amazing review! Old God never fails to make the group laugh, his improve is like no other and constantly keeps you on your toes as an audience member. The costume is beautiful and such a great contrast to the absurdity of the show. 10/10 would recommend!

  4. I loved the show tonight (and the venue is also amazing). This show was the perfect evisceration of the modern human condition and its many, many corruptions. How we harken to a simpler time, that of the beta-beetle!

    To the folks who rudely left: Fun fact…if you act like that, you’re perfect fodder for an absolutely excellent clown! And, Old God didn’t miss his mark…then, earlier, or later on. We said ‘good riddance,’ and Old God made good theatre. All was right again.

    What exactly were you expecting? I got what I came for, and more. Go see this!

  5. Absolutely brilliant clowning and my favourite show of Fringe. Prepare to have your ass handed to you as an audience member in the most irreverent and hilarious way. Watch as this incredible performer skewers art, greed, civilization and the human condition, with meta layers that I will surely be unfolding and laughing about in my mind for days to come. We are lucky to have a show of this caliber and he deserves a large audience. It is 100% worth the trek out. Do not miss this.

  6. Stellar performance, this artist is a newcomer to Winnipeg and deserves huge houses. Hilarious, weird and poignant, well worth adding to your viewing schedule.

  7. Old God is high class crass. Fast, funny, dirty and just the perfect amount of Versailles.

    Gorgeous costume and the juxtaposition of the 1800s inspired clown costume makes the modern humour that much better.

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