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Following a distressing call from the RCMP, one must dance, frolic, and downward dog away the existential dread… at least until morning.
Nicholas Eddie (two-time Dora Award winner) brings to life a darkly comic cabaret following a forlorn protagonist as he duly asks the ultimate question: “What the fuck?” ONE NIGHT ONLY is an electric rumination on happiness, how we get there, and what it means to keep going. Like a rare steak, just raw enough to make you nervous, but so irresistibly peppered with refreshing, unique wit and sardonic humour, you can’t stop eating.
Critics rave about Nicholas Eddie:

“Focused, nimble and endlessly watchable” – Glenn Sumi, NOW Toronto

“Nick Eddie is over six feet tall and the other actors are shorter” – Lynn Slotkin, Slotkin Letter

2 thoughts on “ONE NIGHT ONLY

  1. I have seen over 20 plays this year, and so far, the acting in this play has been of the highest caliber. The actor has won 2 Dora Moore awards so I expected that, but Nick Eddie’s acting chops blew me away. Suicide, guns, life,climate change,technology– all there in a thought provoking play! A must see for your serious play-goer.

  2. Passionate performance. Got us talking more than any other show this year. Would have rated it ‘Mature’ rather than PG.

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