Sapphire Butterfly Blue

– MTYP’s Summer Studio

A visual and surreal exploration of moments surrounding the Salem witch trials. Bridget Bishop was the first woman to be tried and hanged as a witch in Salem Village, Massachusetts, 1692. During this time there was a very strong belief that true evil was present.
“They said that I’m a witch. But I never was until they said that about me.”
Brought to life by the same company who gave you:
4.5 STARS Tumbling After, 2018 – Winnipeg Free Press
4.5 STARS The Witches, 2019 – Winnipeg Free Press

8 thoughts on “Sapphire Butterfly Blue

  1. Great show !! Entertaining dialogue, interpretation and dancing. Thought provoking breakdown of mass hysteria relevant even in today’s world.

  2. This is an intense and compelling slice of theatre. Powerful monologues, and beautiful dance sequences. This show will challenge you and the imagery will stick with you. Great job MTYP performers. Bravo!I’m going to see it again! You should too.

  3. Very well done, made me go back and read up on the Salem Witch Trials, and caused reflection regarding how easy it seems to be to allow group hysteria or misinformation to cause damaging choices in society even today.

  4. Holy. Wow. This show is truly fantastic and the cast of young actors were incredibly talented. Set and costumes were minimal but super effective. The soundtrack made it so much more impactful. Strongly recommend this show

  5. Kudos to this group of young people. The choreography works to express crowd culture and the social desire to fit in. Actors were strong and the brevity of the dialogue evokes thought. It would be interesting to know how someone who doesn’t know much of the Salem story would perceive the show. It is worth seeing, and supporting MTYP’s creative work with young folks.

  6. SAPPHIRE BUTTERFLY BLUE  The stark set, simple costumes even the quiet susurrus of bare feet on the stage floor were all used to great effect! A beautiful and moving performance by MTYP Summer Studio.

  7. SAPPHIRE BUTTERFLY BLUE was a great #wpgfringe kickoff! Well done MTYP Summer Studio. 16 players stood in judgement, as accused and in sisterhood. Some beautiful moments. Enjoyed the groupings and harmonies.

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