Sidetrack Bandits Sketch Comedy

– Sidetrack Bandits

The Sidetrack Bandits are back for Fringe 2023 after having earned four stars from the Winnipeg Free Press last year, and then launching into a full year of workshopping and regular performances. Needless to say, they’re primed and ready to hit you with their best, most hilarious shot. New sketches. New music. New absurdity.
Consisting of six players, every Bandit comes with their own particular talent resume, which is arguably what makes each show they collectively create such a delight. It’s that or all of the marital chemistry.
Known by their audiences for “…bringing the funny from start to finish…”, join the Bandits at Théâtre Cercle Molière for a 45-minute catalogue of odd yet relatable stories; “…hilarious physicality, catchy tunes, and great one-liners…” all included.

4 thoughts on “Sidetrack Bandits Sketch Comedy

  1. Time flew withnthisnone. Left me wanting tonsee more. The chemistry of the cast was evident. A must see

  2. 45 minutes just flew by! There aren’t a lot of sketch comedy acts at Fringe this year (or most years, it seems?) which makes this group unique and worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of SNL, Kids in the Hall, SCTV, etc.

  3. Loved this show!! Dare I say better than last year?? Hilarious and entertaining. Their physical comedy is outstanding.

  4. I shaved for this and it was worth it. My cheeks cramped(not while shaving).

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