Specimen Sherman

– Dark Horse Theatre

Meet Sherman. Sherman is a lazy, unmotivated slacker drifting aimlessly through his life. Sherman has just been abducted by aliens to be a representative of the human race. Sherman will be given anything he asks for to keep him happy. What could possibly go wrong?

Dark Horse Theatre is proud to present this bizarre, otherworldly comedy about a first-contact scenario gone very, very badly… for the aliens. This bit of cosmic madness is from the creative team that presented the previous Fringe hits Hamlet: Back in Black, Farrago and the consistently sold-out The Beginner’s Guide To Suicide.

5 thoughts on “Specimen Sherman

  1. Love the show! Well written and a well chosen cast. I love the physical humour of the one cast member (red head sorry don’t know her name). Great laugh with all the subtle references to sci-fi and bonus points of showing all aspects of women!!

  2. What a fantastic show! A talented cast delivered excellent performances. It was funny and creative, and there was a lot of ‘heart’ behind it too. Kudos to all. Would recommend getting tickets early, as it’s a small venue with limited seating. Definitely recommending!!

  3. I haven’t been to the fringe in years. Went with a group of friends and didn’t know what to expect. Hilarious is a understatement. Great story line with a surprising ending. Every cast member contributed equally to make it a well rounded show. I have recommend it to many friends and enjoyed so much I may see it again. Hats off to the cast and writer.

  4. Just saw this show at the Cre8tery and loved it! It’s a fun story with quirky characters in a nice intimate venue. Kudos to the writer of this original work!

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