– Scattered Minds Theatre

What stories are told behind the doors of the teaches’ lounge? Staffroom explores the depths of this restricted realm.

A sold-out run in the basement of the vacated Eaton’s on Portage Avenue made Staffroom a top seller at the 2001 Fringe. Come see what the fuss was all about.

4 thoughts on “Staffroom

  1. I never knew I could laugh that hard at anyone other than John Cleese impersonating Hitler.

  2. Great show for teachers to see! My teenage daughter enjoyed it as well and could relate to a lot of it. Some of the actors do need to speak up – particularly the vice principal.

  3. Calling all teachers. I think this play is most interesting to those who work in the school system. For the rest of us, it was a bit bland. Not bad – just kinda forgettable. The characters were a bit cliche, the “climax” was a little forced and the ending sorta abrupt. The one stand out was the dramatic arts teacher. He made me laugh out loud. If you want something safe (with the possible exception of a few off-colour jokes), this will suit. And let’s face it – it is always good to visit venue 1. The seats are comfy, the air conditioning is always running and the bathrooms are incredibly civilized.

  4. If you are a teacher, you will appreciate this show. It manages to cover a bunch of very relatable storylines in under an hour. You’ll probably start thinking of which of your coworkers remind you of the diverse characters onstage. You’ll likely experience a roller coaster of emotions from start to finish.

    The actors aren’t mic-ed up and the MTC Mainstage is a massive space, so sometimes the dialogue feels muffled. You’ll have to put on your best listening ears.

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