The Last Five Years

– Hot Reject Productions

When Jamie and Cathy met five years ago, they dreamt of building a beautiful life together. But as time passes, the couple’s dreams drift further away from each other. What now?
Our story is a musical about love and how relationships evolve over time. Following the relationship between new novelist Jamie Wellerstein and struggling actor Cathy Hiatt, we come to understand their perspectives as individuals and partners.

Usually depicting a complex relationship between husband and wife, our story is told through a queer lens that is not typically represented within musical theatre.
Hot Reject Productions dedicates this production to other queer artists looking to navigate their way through this complicated industry. There is and always will be space for you.

4 thoughts on “The Last Five Years

  1. Stunning. Grateful for this queer representation, which added an important layer of nuance to the relational dynamic of the script. A gorgeous musical performance, great acting, suprisingly funny! 10/10 would recommend.

  2. Absolutely incredible! The two leads carried this show with so much grace. I would watch it over and over again.

  3. heartbreaking, beautiful. as a big fan of the last five years this was an incredible production to get the honour to see. also love the audible gasp towards the end. a definite watch for anyone who is a fan of talent and musicals.

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