The Life Henri

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Three lives, three centuries, one story: at what cost, success?
“With little more than a laptop and projector, Adam Bailey tells the story of French painter Henri Rousseau, capably weaving in stories of his own upbringing and scenes from Stephen King’s Carrie. It doesn’t sound like it will work, but thanks to Bailey’s knack for storytelling you hang on his every word.”- Saskatoon StarPhoenix
The Life Henri earned Outstanding New Play at the Toronto Fringe from NOW Magazine, was dubbed Best of the Best by the Saskatoon StarPhoenix and received 5 STARS from Edmonton’s VUE Weekly, which called the play an “astounding feat”.
Now the award-winning storyteller returns with “a performance both comedic and tragically relatable”. – VUE
“The Life Henri is one of my favourites” – UMFM

7 thoughts on “The Life Henri

  1. A gem! The character creation of Henri Rousseau was spell-binding, and the big scene at the end is brought to life so vividly, with such powerful emotive impact, that I could have been watching film, as it were. A superb and fascinating revelation of a painter I had known nothing about, other than being familiar with his name and some of his paintings. And the startling comparison with Stephen King’s Carrie and, in turn, the actor himself actually worked well.

  2. my first show and the worst rambling about nothing to do with Rouseau himself and everything to do with the speaker…

  3. I really loved this play, and I’ll be thinking about it for years to come. Thanks so much for writing and performing this with so much empathy, kindness, and humour, it really made my day. Awesome show, and I highly recommend. One of my favourites.

  4. A stage-play written for anyone who made art deemed terrible by the masses but kept on creating regardless. Adam Bailey has written a truly endearing love letter to the outsiders and fringe characters of high artistic society while using his educational background to play it like a masterclass. Chef’s kiss at this one!

  5. well written, well performed, relaxed atmosphere created as the show opened made me feel like I was having a real community time: over all good Fringe value. The touch down with his own story is well done: just enough to be thought provoking, I admire the restraint as sometimes less is more. And, I have never seen Carrie, nor read the book, but admittedly did know the basic plot, but I don’t think that matters.

  6. Going into this show with at least some understanding of the plot of Carrie is probably helpful. I definitely missed a joke or two.
    That being said, I had a great time!

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