The Merkin Sisters: DEUX

– Stephanie Morin-Robert

“5 STARS” – Vue Weekly
“Piss-your-pants funny. The woman beside me was orgasming with laughter. A must see” – Montreal Rampage
BACK by popular demand with a BRAND NEW SHOW! Fallen from fame, two sisters will stop at nothing to present their ‘Ultimate Piece of Art’. This vivacious romp will charm your pants off.

“Visually arresting and immaculately staged, with a tender heart under its hair-raising exterior.” – Winnipeg Free Press
“Crazy. Beyond vintage Lucy-and-Ethel-in-the-candy factory crazy. It’s like taking a glimpse inside a prepubescent girl’s brain when they’re left to their own devices.” – Theatre in London
“I have never seen anything as good as this at pushing the limits of edgy comedy. You will leave smug and satisfied, with sore sides and wide eyes.” – The Jenny Revue

13 thoughts on “The Merkin Sisters: DEUX

  1. What a twisted, sexy, and hilarious duo. Totally floored by their stage presence and ability to make such a wide rage of people laugh out loud. Nothing like it. RUN!!! You’ll regret missing it, SO DON’T. AND THE MUSIC? Holy hell. PLAYED THE ALBUM ON MY WAY HOME. I’M OBSESSED. MERKIN FAN FOR LIFE.

  2. I try each year. Yes I laughed, but I’ve seen so many great shows this year, I should have passed on this one. Sorry girls!

  3. This was definitely the most disappointing/worst show that I saw at Fringe. I’m open minded but I just didn’t get it. Just plain stupid and not in a funny way. Spend your money elsewhere.

  4. Seeing this show was a highlight for me. I’ve seen over 20 Winnipeg Fringe shows and nothing tops this one. See it NOW!!!! This is everything I needed and more. ART! ART! ART! Everyone was really into it. What a fantastic time!

  5. Unexpectedly entertaining. Did not know what I was getting into but was not disappointed. Very fun and surprising and daring in a good way!

  6. Dementedly funny, visually arresting, and totally engaging!!! From the 1st few moments right to the end we the audience were with them and I laughed until my eyes watered!!!! 100% recommend

  7. Uncomfortable, strange and sweaty like the first time I put on a bra, the Merkin Sisters: Deux is hilarious with that feeling of “wait did they really do that??” Wonderful and refreshingly challenging. #wpgfringe

  8. I enjoyed this one. Definitely quirky, with sharp changes in direction, and lots of laughs. If you can go with the unusual, the silly, the sometimes absurd, and sexual silliness, you’ll have a lot of fun.

  9. This was amazing. Everyone in the audience was in stitches. So so so funny. A master class in comedy. I’m 100% coming back with my office staff.

  10. The Merkin Sisters keep raising the bar! There is no line that can’t be crossed. I love it! Stéphanie & Ingrid are fearless and imaginative; if they can think it, they can actualize it. They keep the fringe in #wpgfringe

  11. Fringe is all about hit and miss, different tastes for different folks. This was a total miss for us. Simply not funny.

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