The Sherlock Holmes Experience

PWYC Experience – July 20-29, 2023 from 6-9pm!

Sherlock Holmes has enlisted you to help with his latest case to assist Scotland Yard. As a fledgling detective, your job is to follow the clues through the streets of London, solve the perplexing puzzles and report back to Sherlock before it’s too late.

Visit Sherlock’s office and you will be informed of your duties. You’ll be given a map as you set out to decipher codes and solve mysterious puzzles, unravelling malevolent misdeeds that take you into a world of international intrigue.

Will you stop the nefarious villains?

3 thoughts on “The Sherlock Holmes Experience

  1. What a fun, engaging, well laid-out adventure! There are several puzzles with some layering, nicely scattered around the Exchange (which is such a great area in which to wander around), but nothing that made it feel like a chore to get to. A couple levels of difficulty for solving, so equal parts satisfaction with our own brilliance and genuine head-scratching challenge. 5/5!

  2. 5 stars! Takes about an hour of your night. You will get to experience the Exchange and be a part of the Fringe experience! Highly recommend!!

  3. Like puzzles and escape rooms?Want to star in the Finge? Want something different at the Fringe? If you said yes to one of these try this pay what you want show. It was fun.Solo or in a team. Great!

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