The Tempest

– Indifferently Reformed

Years ago, the Duke of Milan was usurped by his sister and banished, coming to rest on a remote island with little more than his daughter and his spellbooks. Some time later, the same traitorous sister, along with the Queen of Naples and her company, happens to pass near the island on their ship. With a tempestuous storm, and a great deal of help from a faerie named Ariel, Prospero enacts his revenge, along with a convoluted scheme to take back his dukedom. Hijinks ensue, in varying levels of drunkenness, but not all goes entirely as planned… Or does it?

3 thoughts on “The Tempest

  1. Such a high energy, entertaining play. Very talented cast. Highly recommend!

  2. I had never seen this particular Shakespeare play and was delighted by the performance and excellent cast. Highly entertaining!

  3. The performance was excellent. The venue is tricky. Get there early to snag a good seat, lest your sightlines be blocked by the support beams.

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