This Calls for Danger

– Hogans Circus

Returning from his Successful 2019 Run of “Worst Case Magic”, Brett Oddly brings his most dangerous show yet. Brett will risk life and limb every night for your entertainment.
This is not a magic show, The stunts are real. Using classic and modern sideshow stunts, combined with escapism. Watch as Brett Oddly pushes the limits and makes you question what the human body is capable of. Each night climaxing in a hanging Straight jacket escape!

About Worst Case Magic: “Very fun and worth the watch” – The Jenny Revue

6 thoughts on “This Calls for Danger

  1. I saw this after meeting Brett Oddly in Old Market Square and it definitely lived up to the hype. Myself and the entire crowd had a wild time tonight.

  2. Not for the faint at heart. This performance was fabulous. I found Brett Oddly captivating, and a genuine soul

  3. Sideshow master steps up to solo performance with some astounding risks to well being. I have seen the human blockhead by other performers, and I think that they would have loved his presentation. Several of the dangers are nerve wracking to watch, but nothing stops you from covering your eyes if one of your fears is being dealt with. The upside down straight jacket escape finale is most impressive.
    A word of note: the Royal Albert has some sight line issues, so choose your seating with that in mind.

  4. Brett Oddly’s pain is our pleasure! This call back to classic and updated sideshow stunts is bold, funny and cringeable in the best possible way. Simply put: Brett Oddly nails it, literally!

  5. Hubby and I went to this show because it filled a hole in our schedule and we’re glad we did. Some good stunts especially the finale. Volunteers from the audience participated several times. At the Royal Albert, so get there early to get a comfortable seat – some of the plastic chairs aren’t the most comfortable.

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