– Natasha Mercado

Tree is an immersive comedy experience that is part clown show, part game show and part philosophical discussion exploring the duality of humanity. In this hour of comedy, audience participation is unavoidable. Our protagonist Tree leads the audience, or in this case “the forest”, through different scenarios of what it means to be truly alive. And when you think you know the next thing coming, you don’t. It’s a lovable gaze into a spiraling staircase of existentialism with surprising, yet inevitable, turns. It’s a tree pretending to be human. We’ve all been there, right?
LA’S TOP TEN SHOWS – Stage Raw, 2022
Best Physical Theatre/ Clown – Victoria Fringe, 2022
“A master comic storyteller… non-stop hilarity” – Stage Raw

Natasha Mercado’s credits include appearances on Adult Swim and HBO.

6 thoughts on “Tree

  1. Talented clowning brings to light the serious subject of humanities exploitation of nature that continues to have devastating impact on forests and wildlfe populations. Tree foundered a bit in part because it relies so much on audience participation perhaps illustrating that simply caring isnt enough.

  2. BEST SHOW EVER! Absolutely loved watching this one, the audience was engaged the entire time and laughing so hard our stomachs hurt! Taken on a rollercoaster of events, and bringing audience participation through the journey as well! Very well done, a must see show!

  3. Hilarious all throughout. Its a rollercoaster hitting so many different types of comedic moments. Excellent improvised moments interacting with the audience bringing so much humor and life into the room.

    So absurd yet profound yet a bit vulgar. Ugh god I love Tree so much.

    I’m excited to see more of this artist’s work.

    I think this is a type of show where people might not expect to love it, but do end up loving it. I know that’s what happened with me.

  4. Tree was so good in so many ways… open to participating because the tree demands it of you. I’d see it again.

  5. Loving Tree is my entire personality now. Can’t stop thinking about it. Might go a second time

  6. Gave me some of the best laughs I’ve had in a long time. I really think you should see this.

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