Twenty Four

– Wind Flower Dance Company

Twenty Four chronicles the story of a single day. Told through a collection of 24 dances, each representing an hour, this work invites us to explore the multitude of extraordinary moments that together compose our everyday lives.

Featuring a dynamic cast of dancers from the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg.

5 thoughts on “Twenty Four

  1. Loved this show & will def go a 2nd time. Dance is not normally my favourite @ the fringe, but this show stood out.

  2. A show worth$50 to $150 dollars for only$12,how are Winnipegers not all over that?Boy they worked hard for our money. Funny.Not sure why the first half got no applause and the second half lots of applause. Maybe the 11 am crowd was still asleep?

  3. It’s always a bonus when there is dance group at the Fringe, and Twenty Four did not disappoint. The young group of dancers performed to an eclectic collection of music, incorporated a bit of dialogue, and danced beautifully. Well done! Go see this show!

  4. Twenty Four by the Wind Flower Dance Company was wonderful. Four captivating dancers, as an ensemble, and each with their own movements. The soundscape and lighting design made up a perfect fifth player. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. #wpgfringe

  5. Visceral and complex aggregate of contemorary minutiae. A marvelous breakout performance by Wind Flower Dance Company! #wpgfringe

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