Washed Up

– Awkward Cheese Co.

It’s martini time, girlies, and it’s about to get dirty! Filthy even. From the creators of Cob Bob and Self-Help Shelf comes a super fun fusion of one-woman play and stand-up comedy. Washed Up is an exploration of what it means to be someone who is “past their prime”. Girl bossing is out, life crises are in. Let’s chew on olives and difficult questions like, “This can’t be it, right?” Washed Up serves waves of love, loss and loads of laughs.

Cob Bob – 2019 Harry Rintoul Award nominee
4 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press

14 thoughts on “Washed Up

  1. An insightful and witty play about the relatable experience of feeling like you’ve already passed your prime. Chelsey Grewar explores how she attempts to navigate life now that her glamorous early 20s have ended and she’s entered her next “era” – the much less exciting late 20s. Sassy and sweet, insightful and comedic, raunchy and raw, her relatable performance can appeal to all audiences.

  2. Chelsey wrote an incredibly relatable and hilarious account on how it feels to be a young professional and independent women in todays world. Although 27 isn’t deemed traditionally washed up it’s all a matter of perspective! Chelsey’s recount of seeing her gyro and sugarist was relatable and hilarious!

  3. As someone in the late 20s, I totally understand how the creator self-teasing “washed up” under all the circumstances presenting in the show. I found it is very sassy, sweet, and salty. LOVE IT!

  4. Chelsey Grewar captures the essence of what it feels like to be “washed up” at 27 through the struggles that women and those in their late 20’s face against today’s societal pressures. Whether it be 27, 47, or 67, we can all experience the feeling of being washed up. “Washed Up” provides a witty, honest and hilarious look into the journey of a woman who has successfully taken the narrative into her own hands…..while juggling dirty martinis!

  5. Absolutely captivating and heartwarming! This one-woman play is a true gem that masterfully blends scenes with stand-up comedy, taking the audience on an emotional journey through the ups and downs of aging in their 20s. The performance brilliantly explores the complexities of friendships and relationships evolving over time, leaving no one untouched by its relatable charm. Grewar’s impeccable comedic timing had us in stitches one moment and deeply moved the next, as she fearlessly delved into the joys and challenges of growing older. A raw and authentic portrayal that resonates with everyone who has ever navigated the rollercoaster of life, this play is an absolute must-see!

  6. ‘Washed Up’ is refreshing and relatable! A lot of the experiences reallly hit home and I was literally laughing out loud at many points in the show. Definitely add this to your ‘must-see’ list!

  7. I felt so seen with this show! Chelsey encapsulated what it feels like to be in the weird in between period between the “prime” of our youthful 20s and the next phase of life. She delivered the show with grace, leaving you both thinking and laughing. Awkward cheese co delivers yet again!

  8. Super timely and hilarious one woman show. Explores similar themes that the new Barbie film explores. An absolute must see if you’re looking for a laugh and a good time at this year’s fringe!

  9. Think the people commenting that she’s not old enough to feel “washed up” are clearly missing the point of the show… ANYWAYS I absolutely loved this show and relate to the feeling as a woman in her late 20s. I think anyone of any age can relate to this show. Found myself laughing out loud at many points! Highly recommend checking it out.

  10. A little difficult to think of her as ‘washed up’ at less than 30 (27/yo) – 9 years of being an adult woman and it’s all over? Not sure I can get behind that. Over all a solid show.

  11. Some funny scenes and stand-up reflecting on the achievements (or lack thereof) of someone in their late 20s.

  12. Not exactly a washed up 40-something year old as I was expecting (27 y/o) but I did enjoy the hilarious scenes and dialogue on sugaring and her trip to the gynecologist.

  13. “Washed Up” is a delightful one-woman play and stand-up comedy fusion that explores life after one’s prime with humor and heart. It fearlessly questions societal norms, delivers important messages and insights for women, leaving the audience entertained and introspective.

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