Why Not Murder Mother

– TBA Productions

Mother Sylvia Gail Bigalow is an aging film star whom someone in her family has attempted to murder. This has left her in a coma but she’s aware of what’s going on and gladly shares her thoughts with the audience. She’s desperate to know which one of her nearest and dearest has tried to do her in. She is concerned that they’ll try again if they get the chance. Was it one of her lovely three daughters, her fifth husband or her middle daughter’s fiancé? As you come to know mother, you may wonder why no one has murdered her before.

Come meet this truly dysfunctional family and see if you can figure out which one of them thought, “Why not murder Mother?”

9 thoughts on “Why Not Murder Mother

  1. Saw the Monday night show and was very impressed. Kudos to the cast (the memorization skills required for this dialogue- heavy script were unbelievable & the cast showcased this feat effortlessly!)

  2. I attended the Sunday 10 PM show and I can’t say I know what the negative reviews are talking about. This cast is quick, natural and obviously comfortable on stage, and the story is solid. the second half of this show could use more speed and perhaps some trimming to get it into an hour slot. But overall, this is a 4/5 fringe show.

  3. Great show! Performed well (actors played caricature-esque versions of themselves – which may be why a few reviewers here aren’t getting it). 4/5 for sure.

  4. This play needed more time in the editing room. The actors also needed more time practicing. The dialogue was stilted and not very believable.

  5. I feel like I must have been at a very different show than the others reviewing it here. This play was clunky. The actors didn’t always seem sure of their dialogue and didn’t really delve far into their roles. The script was lacking. The premise missed its mark. Few laughs. In the end, I really didn’t care who tried to kill the mother, I just slow clapped my way out of there.

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