World’s Fair 1876: The Centennial Exposition

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World’s Fair 1876: The Centennial Exposition is a new musical comedy that follows a young Ethelbert Watts, as he and other famous inventors vie for the prestigious Ulysses S. Grant. Competing with inventors Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Henry J. Heinz is no easy feat, but Watts is sure he has an invention that will blow everyone out of the water.

Brought to you by Harry S. Rintoul Award-winning JHG Creative, this show’s quick-witted dialogue, absurd exaggerations and a tongue-in-cheek approach to history is sure to make you quake in your seat.

20 thoughts on “World’s Fair 1876: The Centennial Exposition

  1. Fun show, quality actors with engaging performances. Could have been a 5 star had they stayed away from unnecessarily debasing the script with “dick” jokes, out-of-place F-bombs and a weak ending. 3 stars guys, sorry!!

  2. Bravo!!! Bravissimo!!! Great show! Just a lot of fun!!! Absolutely everything is perfectly conceived and executed!!! Many thanks to everyone who participated in this show.

  3. Well what a totally enjoyable show this was! Was it historically accurate? You be the judge! Was it hilarious- absolutely! Great music, singing and dancing, love and competition, what else would you expect at a Worlds Fair? Loved it!!!

  4. We really enjoyed this – even my teenager did! So many neat ideas worked into the script that you could see it again and catch ones you missed at the first show. Excellent Manitoba talent!

  5. Outstanding!! It was one I had no preconceived expectations about-just took a chance because it fit in the schedule. So, so, so good! Like “Holy S*it Batman”! One of my top picks this year!

  6. This was a really good play. Lots of fun and laughs, and the acting was awesome. Hundo P to this show!

  7. Out of control fun. Just nonstop giggles interrupted only by belly laughs and so very worth it!

  8. Meeting wonderful volunteers and lucky me gets to usher and see the plays. First one was an excellent musical comedy called ” world’s fair of 1876″ super strong cast and loads of laughter. Each cast member were delightful with great comic timing. Looking for a truly creative and fun play! This is it

  9. World’s Fair 1876 is a Great show. Excellent lyrics and singing. Highly recommend this show 5+++ stars

  10. This show is AMAZING. I already loved “Breaking Up With Me” and the entire JHG team are so immensely talented, so I knew I was in for a treat. I didn’t really know what to expect but the music and the script is absolutely HILARIOUS. There was never a time where I was not giggling. The comedic timing within the cast is incredible; not overdone and they really know how to gage an audience with their adlibs. Even when they broke character it didn’t seem unprofessional at all, just looked like a bunch of talented people onstage having a blast, which is what Fringe is all about! I Highly recommend this piece. 5 stars!!!!!

  11. Fantastic show! So packed with humour and wit. This musical has everything! Well worth seeing.

  12. The performers are clearly having a great time, and so was I! A fantastic show with music, comedy, love, and inventiveness. And also those newfangled bananas!

  13. Super fun show, cute songs, great performances and that rarity for a small musical in this city EVERYONE IS PERFECTLY AUDIBLE!

    Worth the trip over to the Gargoyle!

  14. A fun time all around. Great music, great jokes, and a group of performers having a genuinely fun time makes this really sing!

  15. World’s Fair 1876, 1876,1876 is cleverly mounted as a potentially true story of inventors competing to be the world’s best. Catchy songs and funny raps, delivered by a talented young cast. Love the Gargoyle Theatre!

  16. Great show! Clever lyrics, spoken lines and backdrops, performers who are totally enjoying themselves in a way that is contagious for the audience. And there is a chance you might learn a few things (but not too much).

  17. WORLD’S FAIR 1876: THE CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION by JHG is a creatively funny critique on the inventors of that era. Ps: Love the Gargoyle theatre. #wpgfringe

  18. WORLD’S FAIR 1876: THE CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION is so much fun! Put this one on your short list. I ❤️ JHG Creative. Also, the Gargoyle is a great venue. Beer and ice cream!

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