Field Zoology 101

– Shawn O’Hara

5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press
“Never stops surprising” – Georgia Straight
“I laughed so hard i creid!” Orlando Decoded

Mike Delamont presents comedian Shawn O’Hara’s award-winning Field Zoology 101. From the parking lot of the Winnipeg Zoo to the dumpster behind the Sal’s on Pembina, join the “acclaimed” “Dr” Bradley Q. Gooseberry as he guides you through the harrowing and hilarious world of animal science!

5 thoughts on “Field Zoology 101

  1. so well-written and an incredibly committed performance. the laughs per minute rate has to one of the festival’s highest!

  2. Who knew an overhead projector could lead to an outstanding performance. 4.5 stars.

  3. This show was brilliant and hilarious. The whole audience was hooting throughout and he earned a standing ovation at the end. Loved loved loved it

  4. Hilarious! Had a blast learning about animals and cracking up over Shawn’s quick wit and hilarious art work. If you’re a fan of Will Farrell’s comedy, you’ll love this show!

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