– Yours Queerly, Arts Collective

Step through the portal, find yourself in a forest clearing and discover the magic of the woodland realm. Dance around the fairy circle, jump off the tree stumps and immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Flourish. This debut show from Yours Queerly Arts Collective is a colourful collage piece that explores connection, queer identity and the natural world through flowers, fairies, fungi and fruit. You don’t have to be queer to discover and experience the joy of this lively and enchanting performance.

Sarah, Ben, Zanifa and Noah are proud to present this new work to all of you! Join us as we play and celebrate queerness!

8 thoughts on “Flourish

  1. A moving, finely crafted, beautifully executed celebration of love, friendship, and hard-won, marvellous growth. There is so much talent on display in this piece! I left with a huge grin on my face.

  2. Flourish is sweet, innocent, emotional and powerful. Loved it. Super talented group.

  3. Flourish was a beautiful experience in messages without words. The flow from one moment to the next, from one piece to the next. I loved how seamlessly they were able to rearrange the stage without me being fully aware at first that the movement of the props was to prepare for the next scene. There some movements that would have fit into a contemporary dance piece. I left feeling uplifted.

  4. Sorry peeps. I think I missed the boat. Didn’t understand a thing. This was a hard pass for me

  5. Wonderful physical theatre, movement, music and whimsy. Terrific debut from yours queerly.

  6. An absolutely magical exploration of queer joy, hurt, connection and childhood.

  7. Yours Queerly does a beautiful job capturing the silliness and struggle of embracing your inner child as an adult. If you’re a fan of devised movement pieces and an emotional and moving soundtrack, this show will be a great watch for you!

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