Good Grief

– Gangland Productions

Dear Mom,
I regret not telling you that ‘I love you’. Or that when you made up lyrics to songs, I always laughed. Or that in you, I found a hero. Thankfully, you’re not dead yet, so I’ll just tell you some other time.

Dad, on the other hand, is dead.
This show is about rice crispy squares and naming the loss. I hope you like it.
P.S. I tried that lentil soup recipe you shared with me. 5/10.
“Hugely entertaining” – Globe & Mail
“Some of the best writing I’ve seen.” – CBC Manitoba
“So revealing and so funny at the same time.” – Edmonton Sun
PATRON’S PICK: Toronto – Winnipeg – Edmonton – Victoria

6 thoughts on “Good Grief

  1. It made me shed some tears and made me giggled. Very intriguing and intelligent storytelling.

  2. This was utter genius, in its writing and delivery. So much laughter, so much pathos … an authenticity that charms and disarms … I need to see it again, and it’s only been a few days!

  3. A wonderful show – lots of laughs in a heartfelt personal story that is well written with impact.

  4. I loved this show. I want Fringe shows to delight, entertain and make me think. I want them to resonate with me long after they are over. Good Grief delivered on all those counts. Very funny throughout but also meaningful and well polished. Worth standing in line in the rain!

  5. I have enjoyed every moment of your performance; even though, it is your life, your story. Watching the play, I feel like going through a therapy session, the way you connect your attachment, experiences, relational dynamic and impacts on your feelings and emotions, it’s phenomenal. It’s painful but powerful experience of shifts and growth. My heart is full. Bilkis Nahar

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