Grease, Too!

– Tyson Comedy

Welcome to this one-woman world of whimsy, where Greased Lightning meets Cool Rider! It’s Grease and Grease 2, all smooshed together in a musical love letter where you can be even more what you feel.
From the creator of Periscope and Not Enough (4 STARS – CBC Manitoba, an “artistic achievement” – Vue Weekly, Edmonton) comes a story reclaiming joy, agency, groove and meaning. Because in here, Grease IS the word!
Previous press for Megan Phillips:
4 STARS – CBC Manitoba
4 STARS – Vue Weekly, Edmonton
“Powerful physicality, spot-on comedic timing, and the kind of acting chops that’ll take you by surprise” – ROOM magazine, Vancouver
“Multitalented and dangerously funny” –, Montreal
“Dynamite” – PLANK magazine, Vancouver

5 thoughts on “Grease, Too!

  1. I was expecting a light-hearted show combining Grease and Grease 2, which this show is, but it’s so much more. It’s also about pre-teen angst, bullying, and even suicidal ideation. Plus audience participation and Oreos! Four out of five for me.

  2. Started off rocky. No projector. However, her ability to be apologetic, and sweet was fabulous. She told us trivia about grease we never knew. Handed out oreo cookies. Had tokens afterwards. Shiny stickers. It was handled like a pro. Well done.

  3. What fun! Megan is such an engaging performer, it’s impossible not to root for Megz. The sing-a-long and audience participation was fun and the whole audience bought in. Great show!

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