How I Met My Neurodivergent Friend

– Autistic Productions

Growing up, Adam Schwartz distanced himself from other people who were autistic who he thought didn’t fit in as well as he did. This show looks at the opportunities where Adam could have made some really awesome friends and chose not to. As a result, as an adult he found himself all alone without friends or community. The story doesn’t end there, however, since having his light bulb moment he has created Neurohilarity which has brought together neurodivergent artists to share their stories and their art creating his own community.
5 STARS “Adam has the social skills of a baby goat.” – Edmonton Sun
4 STARS “Adam is brilliant. Brilliantly awkward.” Winnipeg Free Press 4 STARS

2 thoughts on “How I Met My Neurodivergent Friend

  1. A great fringe show, an opportunity to hear a unique and courageous perspective. This show has heart and authentic laughs. Adam Schwartz dares to share his honest self-reflections with the audience.

  2. It was not our favourite show. A constant theme is the limited number of jokes about autism and well that’s correct he had a limited number and treated them frequently.

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