The Horrible Friends: Free Beer: Last Call

– The Horrible Friends

Real talk, what other show is going to give you free beer? Go ahead, skim the rest of the program. We’ll wait.
After inebriating audiences for the past 12 years, Luke and Shawn are hanging up their aprons, washing their jock straps, shredding their documents, and calling it quits. This year is your last, best and tastiest chance to have The Horrible Friends entertain you, insult you, and possibly buy you a drink.
Last call for beer-soaked improv!
“The show is quick and clever” – Winnipeg Free Press

One thought on “The Horrible Friends: Free Beer: Last Call

  1. I’m so glad I caught this show. They are so much fun. Plus I actually got a free beer AND got to move a guy around like he was a puppet. What more could I actually have asked for?

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