A is for Anxiety Apples

– B12 Theatre Productions

B12 Theatre Productions presents the original work A is for Anxiety Apples. Through humour and dramatization, this show borrows from lived experiences of mental illness and struggles to raise awareness about the relevance of mental health. With the use of vignettes, performers provide intimate viewpoints on their own experiences with anxiety, depression, disordered eating and body image. The cast is made up of artists who are passionate about advocating for mental health and aim to do this not only through theatre, but through the power of knowledge and education. The cast asks audience members to kindly remember to show compassion to others as not everyone’s apples are always red and shiny!

17 thoughts on “A is for Anxiety Apples

  1. This was a great show! I loved the use of humour to highlight and discuss mental health issues, and I found the portrayal of mental health struggles accurate and compassionate. The performers and writer in this production are definitely ones to watch out for as they are all fantastic and immensely talented as they are lovely people.

  2. A beautiful show written by a beautiful human! EVERYONE!! And I mean EVERYONE NEEDS to see this show!!

  3. This show is so real. I loved how uncomfortably quiet it made the audience because it was calling on such true and raw emotions that everyone was relating too. That’s not to say it’s not funny cause boy did I laugh. The writing by Kennedy was phenomenal! The 4 performers were stellar and had such great energy. The dancer breaks were hilarious and the spit take was great! Overall a truly great night out! I could used some music to underscore the mime scenes but the lighting was terrific and made up for the lack of sound. 4.5/5 for me!

  4. Amazing show! Was funny, relateable, and an incredibly well done depiction of mental health. The emotions were so genuine, it was hard not to get wrapped up in it.

  5. It isn’t very often you get to witness a show like this, especially live. Written in a beautiful way, you’re invited into these stories to genuinely experience the raw feelings of the performers. This talented team shares boldly and honestly. Sprinkle in some humour and a great soundtrack, I really enjoyed this show. I’ll be back for more.

  6. Very well done! I experienced the full range of emotions while immersed in the show. It’s a talented group producing and acting out a very relatable story line.

  7. Incredible and very special show that is filled with raw and authentic portrayals of mental health struggles, with dashes of humour sprinkled throughout. The show made me laugh, cry, and feel like I am not alone. I recommend this fantastic production to absolutely everyone!!!!!

  8. well depicted and real made me laugh and tear up …mental health issues are deep but this made you think and was portrayed by great acting and a great storyline …bravo!!!

  9. thought provoking and well acted well done !! Bravo to the cast and writers humor with a serious topic LOVED it !

  10. I very much enjoyed the style of language use. It was a great mash up humour, wit, and informed dialogue on mental health. Approaching a hot topic issue with humour lands with an audience that connects with its actors who aren’t afraid to be the butt of a joke. Through that they can create a better dialogue and highlight issues within our health system it’s okay to laugh at.

  11. This show is touching and has a good sense of humour. The show uses comedy to talk about many different experiences under the spectrum of mental health, in an appropriate manner. I recommend that everyone go see this show!

  12. Holistic, comical, and very real approach to shedding light to mental health matters and making mental health matter.

  13. A fantastic depiction of how anxiety isn’t just about one person experiencing “nerves”. A well rounded representation of mental health presented in an entertaining way. Bravo!

  14. What an absolutely incredible show. I was absolutely blown away how B12 could make you go from laughing to crying in an instant, and then immediately back to laughter. It was heartwarming, it was real, it was honest and I loved every moment. Don’t miss this one.

  15. Loved the production. The mental health scenes were relatable it made me know I’m not alone. Fantastic performance and very well written, definitely will go to more!

  16. Hilarious and powerful. I laughed and cried. Very relatable. It had me giggling at myself and crying knowing that I wasn’t alone. Incredibly well written and beautifully performed

  17. Wonderful production! Accessible content for teens and older. Portrayal of mental health struggles is accurate, and helps build compassion for others who struggle.

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