– RAGMOP Theatre

Skeletons – every animal’s got one… But which skeletal system is the BEST? Multi-award-winner Amica Hunter (they/them) gets under your skin and crushes your funny bone in this hilarious, captivating and sometimes unsettling comedy. Part storytelling, part stand-up and part clown. An intimate, unpredictable parade of the body that explores chronic pain, biology and collective imagination. With a microphone and a long plastic tube, Amica unveils the chaos of the natural world and the horror of living in a body.
This is Amica’s first solo show after a solid decade of touring as half of the physical-comedy duo A Little Bit Off (two-time Best of Fest, Edmonton).
“A kick in the pants that delightfully reflects the roots of alternative performance” – King’s River Life Magazine

2 thoughts on “ANATOMICA

  1. This performer is an incredible talent – effortlessly funny and great at what they do! This is a stellar fringe show, highly suggest you make time for it.

  2. If you’ve seen Beau and Arrow, and A Grave Mistake, then you know Amica. Funny, clever, relatable, and exactly how you want to spend an hour at the Fringe. Great show, looking forward to see what they come up with next!

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